Elder Care and Estate Planning in New Jersey

Do You Need an Elder Care Attorney to Assist With Your Estate Planning in New Jersey?

Estate planning in NJ includes designing and developing a plan to conserve, protect and distribute your estate assets before and after death. In its simplest form, it is known as asset protection planning. An estate plan takes into consideration state and federal death and inheritance taxes and probate procedures under NJ law, including avoiding probate.  It also includes preserving and protecting your assets for your long-term care if you become unable to manage your financial and medical affairs at some point during your life.  This is called life care planning and it is as important as death planning.

As experienced elder care attorneys, our firm has been helping individuals and families in estate planning for decades. We work with our clients to determine the value of their lifetime holdings, including real estate, liquid assets such as savings and investment accounts, and how to protect those assets. An effective estate plan is designed to ensure the financial security of yourself and those you love. If you do not plan for your death, and for a long life, you run the risk of running out of money or upon your death, the government will decide how your estate is distributed and potentially impose death and inheritance taxes.

If you want to protect your spouse and your children, if you care about who inherits your property, if you care about your future health care and living a quality life, if you are a parent of a minor and/or adult disabled child who wants to avoid guardianship and/or loss of his or her government benefits, contact Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq., an experienced NJ Elder Care Law Attorney at Hanlon Niemann & Wright who will work towards simplifying the process for you.

The Benefits of an Elder Care Attorney to Assist With Your Estate Planning in New Jersey


Early Dementia, Alzheimer’s. My Mom’s health deteriorated to the point she required full-time care. She wanted to live at home, but required regular help with the essentials of daily living (i.e. dressing, bathing, etc.). As her caregiver daughter, the responsibilities fell on me to figure out what to do. Thank goodness for Hanlon Niemann & Wright and Mr. Niemann.

He met with me and explained all of my options for my mom, from at home/community care, assisted living, state, county and local programs for the elderly, financial eligibility for benefits, Medicaid qualification, pharmaceutical assistance, utility aid, Medicare and Veteran’s benefits, etc. While I felt overwhelmed by it all, Mr. Niemann clearly was in control of what could be done for Mom. We engaged him to make applications for subsidized at-home care and assistance through available grant programs and as part of his services to us, he is counseling us on a reverse mortgage, income and financial products to enhance Mom’s monthly income and to reduce her expenses. Mom would tell me to let Mr. Niemann make all the decisions although I am her Power of Attorney. I value so much his confident and generally caring manner. If you’re trying to help your Mom, Dad or family member deal with a life changing health condition, call Hanlon Niemann & Wright. I’m glad I did and so is Mom.
Mary Layton – Farmingdale, NJ



Mr. Niemann has been a God send to me and my family. He has met with me many, many times with patience, sensitivity and understanding that few people expect from an attorney. My family issues are complex and Mr. Niemann understands what I want to happen to my estate upon my death, especially for my adult incapacitated child and other adult children. He created a special trust for my son. He has followed up with me to help me make decisions without forcing his opinions on me. In the end, he told me, “Jerri, my job is to explain your choices and help you understand the legal effect of those choices.”

He guided me and put me at ease. He wanted me to make decisions that are the right ones for me. I am thankful for Mr. Niemann being my attorney and I recommend him to elderly persons who seek a qualified professional who will treat them with dignity, respect and sensitivity.
Jeraldine Vincitore – Freehold, NJ


Fred Niemann, NJ Elder Care Lawyer

Fred Niemann, NJ Elder Care Lawyer

Call us today to discuss your elder law and estate planning needs. Ask for Mr. Niemann toll-free at (855) 376-5291 or email him at fniemann@hnlawfirm.com. He welcomes your inquiries.





Written by Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. of Hanlon Niemann & Wright, a New Jersey Elder Care Attorney

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