Our Philosophy

We believe in the personalized practice of law and the diligent pursuit of solutions that benefit our clients. We believe in hard work, especially when needed to meet a deadline or accomplish a goal for our clients and we strive to deliver legal services in a cost effective manner.

When disputes arise, our first response is to try to mediate the conflict positively, believing that avoiding litigation is generally better and more cost-effective than protracted and emotionally expensive court proceedings. But if our clients’ interests cannot be successfully protected by conciliation, then you can rely upon our experienced trial attorneys to be there for you.

Hanlon Niemann & Wright has a very impressive success rate in the courtrooms and decision making rooms of government throughout New Jersey. We have successfully represented our clients in front of every Superior Court in the State, including the Appellate Division of the Superior Court, as well as the New Jersey Supreme Court. We regularly practice before the Federal District Courts in Newark, Trenton and Camden, and are licensed by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Our Promise

We want to be your law firm of first choice whether you are a Fortune 500 Company, small family business or an individual whose needs call for justice. We have many clients and many of our clients are our friends and consider us to be their family attorneys.

Call us if we can be of service to you or if you have a question that needs answering. Make Hanlon Niemann & Wright your attorneys of first choice.

Founding Partners Christopher J. Hanlon and Fredrick P. Niemann

As litigators trying cases on behalf of our clients, the firm appears before judges and juries throughout the State of New Jersey, including the Federal Courts. We represent clients in cases involving serious personal injury, elder law, , real estate disagreements and threatened litigation, franchise contests and threatened litigation, probate litigation, including family disputes, will(s)/trust(s) and estate contest(s), guardianship, employment law, insurance and bankruptcy disputes, and landlord/tenant litigation including lease enforcement contests.