Elder Law, Special Needs Disability and Guardianship Rights

Hanlon Niemann & Wright is a highly trusted and experienced elder law, guardianship, and disability law firm conveniently located in central New Jersey.  Each year our firm meets with over 1,500 new families and individuals looking for advice, direction, and solutions in one or more of our practice areas.  We especially serve the legal needs of New Jersey’s aging and disabled population throughout the entire state.
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Medicaid Eligibility and Protecting Assets and Income from Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Long Term Health Care Costs

Don’t go broke paying for long term care. Let our decades of trusted legal experience safeguard a lifetime of savings and income. Protect yourself and your family today.  We are just a phone call or email away.

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Estate Administration and Probate

Let our experienced estate administration and probate attorneys guide you through the maze of New Jersey, multi-state and international estate administration and probate laws.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Learn the ins and outs of estate planning and the use of a Last Will or Revocable Living Trust to protect your loved ones and a lifetime of hard work and savings. We are one of central Jersey’s (and beyond) most frequently consulted law firms for estate planning and elder law, and work in all twenty-one (21) counties of the state.

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Probate, Trust and Estate Litigation Including Will Contests

Family fighting? Have you been omitted as a beneficiary or deprived of some valuable property interests in an estate? Are claims of fraud, undue influence, and incompetency being made by unhappy family members? Is a Last Will or Trust suspicious? Did  someone unduly influence a person with diminished mental capacity to change their Will or Trust? Was a beneficiary designation changed by a Power of Attorney or someone in a close relationship with the person who cut you out? Have you been wrongfully disinherited?  Is an executor, administrator, or trustee abusing his or her authority? Are you dealing with a beneficiary or heir from hell?

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