I don’t know how it could be better unless it was free :)


It was difficult for us to put our house in a trust. We did our research and walked away confused with so many different opinions. Our attorney, Fred Niemann and his entire staff explained all the benefits and drawbacks for us. They drew up a plan that benefits us and our children. They were very informative and comfortable through the entire process. After we signed, we had some trouble with the insurance company. We called Fred and his staff and they helped us in the process, “all good”. Mr. Niemann also said if any problems or questions should arise to please call to help resolve them. My wife and myself have been around quite some time and have dealt with many attorneys – both in business and personal matters. Fred Niemann and Hanlon Niemann & Wright have been the best, 5 stars!

Hans Kooy, Brick NJ

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