Nursing Home Abuse – How Safe Is a Family Member?

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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Attorney

The nursing home industry’s reliance on public New Jersey Medicaid and Medicare money makes it a challenge to staff appropriately, says owners and operators of both non-profit and for-profit nursing homes in the state. Although the quality of care in nursing homes has gone up, owners warn that “it has the potential to go down.” Owners point out that while caring for a Medicaid patient in a nursing home costs the facility an average of $210 a day in New Jersey, Medicaid actually pays less than that per day per resident. This funding gap is a problem for nursing homes. Facilities have historically turned to Medicare and private pay patients to make up the financial shortfall, but Medicare’s rates are slated to be cut, and private pay patients are disappearing.

At what point should families seek legal action?  Fredrick P. Niemann, an attorney who has been representing families and others in claims of elder care abuse, says the first step is to speak to the nursing home administrator, social worker(s), doctor and nurses in charge to resolve the problem.  While many lawyers specialize in nursing home cases, they will only take cases that involve significant injuries, death, disability, or a fracture or other injury that will last a long time. And the catastrophic injury must have been caused by a clear deviation from a generally recognized standard of care.

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