How to Protect an Elderly Person from Being a Victim of Elder Abuse

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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Lawyer

If there is an imminent threat of an elder person being abused, the police can help and so can Adult Protective Services to determine whether or not a case of elder abuse exists.

An elderly person should generally be removed from the abuser.  As an adult, he or she has the right to choose where he/she wants to live. An elderly person cannot be forced to stay with an abuser.

New Jersey Adult Protective Services can help in cases of elder abuse.  There is an APS program in all 21 counties in New Jersey.  Adult protective services will conduct an interview with the abused adult within 72 hours, and the interview will be conducted in private.  But, if the threat of abuse is imminent, then law enforcement should be notified first.

The safety of the elderly person is considered above all else.  It is important that the elderly person receives the appropriate medical care, and appropriate action is taken by law enforcement before anything else occurs.  The elderly person must also cooperate in the investigation, and be willing to report the abuser to law enforcement even if the abuser is a member of the elderly person’s family.  Law enforcement is willing to assist in making sure that the elderly person is safe, and that the elderly person does not run the risk of being abused again.

An attorney can also assist a victim of elder abuse by assisting a victim in obtaining compensation for their pain and suffering, and to cover any related medical expenses.  Thus, once the elderly person is safe, he or she should contact our law office in order to be able to obtain appropriate compensation.

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