Nursing Home or Hospital Dumping Can Be Elder Abuse in New Jersey

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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Discharge from a Nursing Home Lawyer

In many cases, an aging person who is discharged from a nursing home is discharged because they aren’t as profitable as someone else. While Medicaid covers the costs of a nursing home, it does not pay as well as private pay residents. Eager to earn more profits from richer patients, some, but not all nursing homes frequently “dump” Medicaid patients.

Medicaid patient dumping is a form of elder abuse. It is illegal for nursing homes to dump patients. Nursing homes must inform residents in advance of removal and make sure that the resident has a safe place to live before evicting their patients.

You can file an appeal with New Jersey to prevent the dumping of a nursing home resident.  Filing an appeal gives you some legal protection against nursing home dumping while the appeal is pending if you are afraid that the nursing home will dump him or her.

Because nursing home dumping is a serious issue, the legal system offers a level of protection from nursing home dumping. There are significant fines and penalties for violations.  You can even potentially file a lawsuit against the nursing home that “dumps” a patient.

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