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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Juvenile Court Attorney

There is a specific statute in New Jersey, 2A:4A-43 which addresses the disposition of juvenile delinquency cases.  Juvenile Courts and their Judges have great “flexibility” when imposing juvenile dispositions.  They include:
– Intake diversion from court
– Adjourn formal entry of disposition for 12 months (deferred disposition)
– Probation
– Release to parents (no conditions) (rare)
– Transfer custody of juvenile to someone else (rare)
– Fines/restitution/community service
– Counseling/drug treatment/out of home placements
– Suspend driver’s license
– Detention up to 60 days
– Incarceration/commitment to Juvenile Justice Commission
Key factors for any juvenile disposition in New Jersey include:
– Accountability of juvenile
– Rehabilitation of juvenile
– Protection of community
– Preservation of the family unit

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