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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Juvenile Attorney

Recently some 40 teens from Rumson and Fair Haven, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and several of their parents, are facing charges following a police raid on a house party. The raid followed a police officer’s discovery of an “extremely intoxicated” young person on the municipal street.  Further investigation led police to a house, where underage consumption of alcohol was occurring.

The homeowners were present, and were charged with maintaining a nuisance, a disorderly person’s offense, and were scheduled to appear in municipal court.

With help from Fair Haven police, “approximately 40? juveniles were taken into custody and released to their parents, with possible charges pending.  Among those already charged is the teen that was alleged to have been drunk in the street. She faces a disorderly persons charge.

The arrests come just as Fair Haven and Rumson are ramping up an anti-drug, anti-alcohol abuse alliance at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High.

The program, in development for several months and called the Municipal Alliance to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse, is scheduled to put a program officer in the school on a part-time basis to educate students and parents about the dangers of substance abuse.

The program came about after an anonymous survey of R-FH students found that more than 50 percent of all students had used illegal drugs or alcohol, and more than 90 percent of seniors had.

Parents must realize they face criminal prosecution when they allow underage drinking in their homes.  This wasn’t always the case says Fredrick P. Niemann, a New Jersey juvenile court attorney.

Young people are confronted by permissive influences from Hollywood, the media and their parent’s lifestyles.  Yet the system seems shocked with such behavior and responds by prosecuting the parents.  This strategy will work over time, prosecuting the parents.

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