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By Fredrick P. Niemann, a New Jersey Contract lawyer

Enforcing a contract is a common case handled by a NJ Contract Lawyer and most often than not, a good defense has to be provided by the defendant in order to excuse himself or a company from possible legal harm and damages. Below is a list of the most common defenses used by a New Jersey Lawyer to protect his client from conviction.

This is a tricky strategy to use yet is a powerful resolution once it has been proven by a New Jersey Lawyer in court. It involves proving to the court that both parties committed a mistake in the signing and creation of the contract. Unless this is proven by the defendant, he will still remain liable in the eyes of justice for not enforcing the contents of the contract.

This is one of the more common types of defenses offered by New Jersey Contract Lawyer in the courtroom. It uses evidences that confirm any form of coercion, application of physical force or mental pressure, for the continuance of the contract signing.

This is one of the best defense any NJ Contract Lawyer in order to protect his client. Any sign of intentional misrepresentation can be accepted by the court and deemed sufficient for it to consider the contract void and invalid.

These are points that are carefully studied and analyzed by an expert New Jersey Lawyer. You may assist them by recalling incidences related to these points so they can easily use this in your favor. Do not let your rights be trampled upon. Choose a qualified, accessible NJ Contract Lawyer to fight for you today.

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