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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Arbitration lawyer

Arbitration is when you settle a case with the opposing party outside of court, as what it is commonly known as.  This is a legal process, but it is not as formal as a jury trial.  The goal with arbitration is to reach a settlement on a case without having to go to court.
This is typically used in less-serious cases, although some cases that are high-profile end up being arbitrated as well. 

Arbitration is not as lengthy and drawn out as going to court over a dispute.  Arbitration is much more straightforward and simple than a complicated civil court trial, where the jury has to decide whether or not your case has won.
But, arbitration is still something that should not be done without an attorney.  A good arbitration attorney in New Jersey can help you negotiate in these cases. 
Most people think of labor unions when they think of arbitration.  This is partly true, but is also common amongst many other types of cases.  Arbitration is much simpler.  Also, in cases where there is technological complexity involved, you can appoint arbitrators who are experienced in dealing with these subject matters rather than risk having a judge who is not familiar with the subject.
If you feel that your legal dispute may be resolvable through arbitration, then you should contact a New Jersey arbitration attorney today who can assist you through the process of making an arbitration claim, or settling an arbitration claim if you are the defendant in the arbitration case.
Contact me personally today to discuss your arbitration matter.  I am easy to talk to, very approachable and can offer you practical, legal ways to handle your concerns.  You can reach me toll free at (855) 376-5291 or e-mail me at fniemann@hnlawfirm.com/.

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