Remote Notary Act Memo

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Recently, New Jersey law changed to allow attorneys and notaries to notarize documents over video conference. This is important for business owners who need documents notarized, for people buying or selling real estate, and for anyone who needs to update an estate planning document or trust.

Here is how it works:  the notary and the signatory need to have copies of the document. The notary needs to video conference with the signatory, and confirm the identity of the person signing the document, check that the documents they have before them are the same, and witness the signature.  Then, the notary can affix a digital notarization to the fully executed document.  This is very important.  It lets us keep our economy moving forwards by letting businesses and people access funding, buy and sell property, and plan for the future.

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Written by Nicole C. Tomlin, Esq. of Hanlon Niemann & Wright

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