Stimulus Payments and Medicaid

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CARES Act and Medicaid

A few weeks ago, Congress passed a law to allow all adults who have less than $75,000 in income to receive a check from the Government.  For people who are on Medicaid programs where the government caps how much savings you can have, and how much cash you can have on hand, these payments result in a lot of questions.

Can I accept the payment and keep my Medicaid?  New Jersey Medicaid has not spoken yet, but the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Commissioner Jonathan Sigfried, has said yes, your child can accept the payment and they can keep their Medicaid and their DDD.  It looks like the state is going to treat this like a tax refund.

If I can, how do it get it? You need to file a tax return.  If you don’t usually file, and you need copies of your tax documents to file, you can write a letter to the IRS, and get them, and file now.

My child has a disability and usually receives services from DDD- can I accept this payment for them?  Yes. The Division of Developmental Disabilities has said your child can collect this payment, and remain eligible. Remember, you should use it a few months or less- just like you would a Social Security back payment or a tax refund.

I receive social security disability- am I eligible?  Yes.  You have to file a tax return (if you didn’t keep your tax documents because you don’t usually file, you can ask the IRS for a copy of the ones they have).

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Written by Nicole C. Tomlin, Esq. of Hanlon Niemann & Wright

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