Do You Have Uninsured Medical Expenses that May Qualify You For Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit in New Jersey

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By: Fredrick P. Niemann, a NJ Accredited Veterans Benefits Attorney

It’s important to learn what the VA considers “Unreimbursed Medical Expenses” – that is, what you and your loved one are paying out of your pockets- also referred to as “UME”. This is a key factor to help you determine if a veteran may qualify for a pension!

UME’s include doctors’ and dentists’ fees, Medicare premiums and copayments, insurance premiums, transportation to the doctor’s office, and the cost of assisted living facilities or in-home caretakers.  But there’s much more-take a look below to see everything that qualifies.

Listing of Possible Medical Expenses: (this is only a partial list)
• Medicare premiums deducted from Social Security
• Supplementary medical insurance (Part B) under Medicare
• Abdominal supports
• Acupuncture service
• Ambulance service
• Anesthetist
• Arch supports
• Artificial limbs
• Back supports
• Braces
• Cardiographs
• Chiropodist
• Chiropractor
• Convalescent home (for medical treatment only)
• Crutches
• Dental services
• Dentures
• Dermatologist
• Eyeglasses
• Food or Beverages described by doctor for treatment of illness
• Gynecologist
• Hearing aid and batteries
• Home health services
• Hospital expenses
• Insulin Treatment
• Insurance Premiums (medical)
• Invalid chair
• Lab tests
• Lip reading lessons (in connection with disability)
• Neurologist
• Nursing services
• Occupational therapist
• Ophthalmologist
• Optician
• Optometrist
• Oral surgery
• Osteopath
• Pediatrician
• Physical examinations
• Physicians
• Physical therapy
• Radium therapy
• Podiatrist
• Prescription and drugs
• Psychiatrist
• Psychoanalyst
• Psychologist
• Psychotherapy
• Radium therapy
• Sacroiliac belt
• Seeing-eye-dog
• Speech therapist
• Splints
• Surgeon
• Telephone/teletype for deaf
• Transportation expenses (20 cents per mile)
• Vaccines
• Vitamins prescribed by doctor
• Wheelchairs
• Whirlpool baths for medical purposes
• X-rays

Note: Most medical expenses must be prescribed by a physician to be deductible from gross income for VA benefit qualification purposes.

Depending on what your income is and what your medical expenses are, you may qualify – even if your gross monthly income seems to be too high.  If you have questions about anything in the list above or aren’t sure if an expense you incur is “unreimbursed” or not, go ahead and call us.

If you’d like us to help you figure out if, and when, to apply, or If you have any questions with regard to Veterans Benefits, contact Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. an experienced accredited Veterans Benefits attorney toll-free at 888 800-7442 or e-mail him at today.

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