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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Contract Law in New Jersey

I Signed What?

How often have you heard that phrase, or maybe this phrase… “that’s not the agreement I made”? Perhaps no area of the law in New Jersey has been more discussed than contracts, especially when a contract is disputed, breached or being enforced.

This site is intended to help you better understand the law of contracts in New Jersey. It’s been written in simple, plain English. May I encourage you to read each page and watch our informative videos so you can become better educated about the law of contracts in NJ?

The Basics of New Jersey Contract Law

Introduction to Contracts in New Jersey

To understand contracts in NJ, you need to know the basics of a contract and New Jersey contract law, including the legal definition of a contract.

Simply stated, a contract is a legally enforceable agreement (a promise) between parties to do something or not to do something. Business people, private individuals, consumers and corporations enter into contracts every day for many reasons.  For example, an agreement to buy a car or home typically includes a contract. If one hires a contractor or a service provider or purchases a product, a written or verbal contract exists.

Once a contract has been created, it must then be determined if there are any defenses that call into question the contract’s validity and enforceability should a dispute develop.

Finally, if there has been a breach of the contract, there is a question of whether a party is entitled to money damages or other relief under NJ contract law.

I consulted with Mr. Niemann following a recommendation from an associate in Brick, New Jersey. I was told that Mr. Niemann would be an excellent person to discuss an investment opportunity which was represented to me as very profitable. Mr. Niemann met with me promptly and reviewed the information which was given by the promoter. After having considered the promotional information, Mr. Niemann cautioned me against the investment. He requested a four-way conference be set up so that he could meet face to face, eye to eye with the promoter of this opportunity. After several hours of intense questioning and discussion, Mr. Niemann courteously and professionally concluded the meeting, whereupon he immediately told me not to invest a single penny into this scam as I would lose my investment. At the time, I was looking to invest several hundred thousand dollars. Thank God I listened to Mr. Niemann.

Since our meeting, I have learned that the deal was, in fact, a scam and that I would have lost my entire investment. The straight talking highly investigative nature of Mr. Niemann’s questioning and insight coupled with his significant past business experience was of invaluable help to me.
Scott Buongiovanni Freehold, New Jersey



One should always read and understand a proposed contract before signing it and being held accountable to its terms and conditions.  As you continue reading, you’ll appreciate the free advice I just gave you.  Read the entire page and understand what it means to you.


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Fredrick P. Niemann Esq.

Fredrick P. Niemann Esq.

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